Process Model

This stage involves the analysis of requirements or the problem in hand through comprehensive study of the clients' business processes. We suggest solutions or give input on components to enhance the clients' business. An impact analysis is done to assess the risk involved in the entire process.
These are pilot projects completed before entering into a formal agreement with the client. Prospective clients can review the completed POC projects to verify parameters like quality, productivity, cost efficiency etc.
We have a defined process in place to ensure smooth handover of completed projects to the clients' locations. A specialized team would work with the clients and the development team to assert the standards are adhered to, and efficiency does not drop.
The project is managed to ensure the smooth functioning of operations and to verify that quality, productivity and delivery deadlines are met. Due to any unforeseen reasons, if the project productivity does not meet expectations, we have a process to address the issue and set it right.
In order to ensure that our clients are at ease while doing business with Firmusoft® Solutions, we have a relationship management program that continues for the entire lifecycle of the project. A single point of contact would be provided to the customers to address the issues. Periodic reports, reviews and other project management tools are provided to ensure a comfortable outsourcing experience to the clients.