Offshore Software Development in the IT world describes the business of getting the software programming and engineering services done beyond national boundaries. Cost economy is the prime justification for offshore software development.

At Firmusoft® Solutions, we follow a comprehensive framework of principles to develop and enhance the customer applications, seamlessly support their business needs, improve overall efficiency, reduce recurring costs and ensure constant technology upgrades while integrating the changes in business demands.

We take over the responsibility of completing the project with a specified requirement set, budget and schedule defined in the contract. By understanding the business of the clients' and by maintaining good relationship, we help our clients to meet their long and short term business goals.
Business and technology work hand in hand. At Firmusoft® Solutions, we make a consistent effort to define and optimize the customer's present and future business plans with IT initiatives and implement well thought out, robust and scalable IT solutions that are tailor made to give the customer a decisive competitive advantage and to improvise and make the customer's business effective and profitable.

Clients who would like to avail the services of experienced and skilled resources on a short term basis can approach Firmusoft® Solutions with specific requirements for the resources. Firmusoft® identifies matching resources and provides the clients with the details for further screening.

The pricing for the selected candidates depends on the time period of the engagement and the locality of the client. Firmusoft® shall take care of the legal aspects of this agreement with necessary assistance from the client and be responsible for replacing any resources that may be called back due to unforeseen circumstances.

Clients who avail this service can utilize the strengths of the developers at Firmusoft® Solutions, and expedite the project development.