Our Services


At Firmusoft® Solutions, we follow a comprehensive framework of principles to develop and enhance the customer applications, seamlessly support their business needs, improve overall efficiency, reduce recurring costs and ensure constant technology upgrades while integrating the changes in business demands.

We take over the responsibility of completing the project with a specified requirement set, budget and schedule defined in the contract. By understanding the business of the clients' and by maintaining good relationship, we help our clients to meet their long and short term business goals.


At Firmusoft® Solutions, we make a consistent effort to define and optimize the customer's present and future business plans with I.T. initiatives and implement well thought out, robust and scalable I.T. solutions that are tailor made to give the customer a decisive competitive advantage and to improvise and make the customer's business effective and profitable.

Clients who would like to avail the services of experienced and skilled resources on a short term basis can approach Firmusoft® Solutions with specific requirements for the resources. Firmusoft® identifies matching resources and provides the clients with the details for further screening. Firmusoft® shall take care of the legal aspects of this agreement with necessary assistance from the client and be responsible for replacing any resources that may be called back due to unforeseen circumstances.

The pricing for the selected candidates depends on the time period of the engagement and the locality of the client. Clients who avail this service can utilize the strengths of the developers at Firmusoft® Solutions, and expedite the project development.

Application Engineering

We help our clients realize their ideas and concepts by developing and delivering well designed and robust applications in the web, mobile and embedded platforms. Our services includes Custom Application Development, Application Enhancements, Porting Legacy Applications to New technologies/platforms & Web and Mobile enabling existing applications.

Web Engineering

Our team provides development support for a wide variety of web applications. Incorporating stringent standards, we build powerful, easy-to-use web applications that are customized to requirements.

We help our clients :

  • To achieve rapid product innovation.
  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Minimize business risk.


We ensure strict confidentiality of information and set the right expectations before we begin design and development. The most impressive web applications are rooted in smart design, embody clear vision and brand message, and are backed by the right technology.


We have mastered the application of Agile/Scrum techniques in product development and will be harnessing these approaches to ensure that we are helping you create the perfect product that address the most challenging and complex I.T. problems


Before we deliver we will ensure that it is flawless with the help of our Q.A. team and feedback from the customer. We will rework and iterate as required. Once complete and the product is ready to be released, we will either install the software or assist the client and their staff in installing it.

Support and Maintenance

We continuously monitor the performance of the applications that we delivered, apply patches as required, and provide help desk support. Every single project comes with a short and long term support plan which can be customized based on client’s requirements.

Mobile Engineering

At Firmusoft® Solutions, we have a pool of highly motivated software professionals who are well exposed to bleeding edge technologies. With massive knowledge and expertise gained through years of experience, our team of Mobile App developers is always ready to take a step beyond your expectations. We provide dynamic and versatile mobile platform applications specific to the user's requirements, with complete technical support and regular updates.


Hybrid applications combine the advantages of both native and web applications. We’re your one-stop design and development team. Our experts can take your app ideas to a whole new level.We strive to deliver a high quality and performance-centric responsive mobile apps that work seamlessly and look native on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. We make use of technologies like Titanium, Xamarin, ReactJS Native, Accelerator, Cordova & Supersonic


We develop beautiful and high-performance native application development for all major platforms using iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Wearable S.D.K.s. It provide fast performance and a high degree of reliability.We use the latest tools & techniques managed through a lean and agile workflow process to develop a native app that suits your business.

iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, continually redefining the basic thought of what people can do with a mobile device. iPhone offers you a tremendous opportunity to develop and market your application to the millions of users worldwide.

Android gives you a world class platform for creating apps and games and also an open marketplace for distributing them instantly. An Android OS offers excellent functionality to the users offering a distinct experience and at the same time creating a huge opportunity.

Windows phones have considerably enhanced the connectivity of these apps in places that are popular among users. Windows phone apps will be considered as a featured app. This in turn will make it easier for Windows phone users to access and utilize these apps.

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